The Beginning of School Lunch Box

Why are the greatest Chef’s in the world mostly male and how do they find the time?  I’ll tell you why, because their partners are frantically at home preparing the kids breakfasts, lunch and chores.  Behind every man there’s a rockin’ woman.  I needed to help my wife with the girls, mostly in the mornings.  I decided at the start of the year that I will take the cooking chores away from my gorgeous wife so  she can concentrate on everything else that needs doing in the mornings.  The school lunch box creations started taking shape and a few people started taking notice, the feedback was promising.  Then one day a light bulb moment and my instagram page was born.  My aim is to inspire parents (yes, dad’s inclusive) that it’s easy to pack healthy and nutritious school lunches for our children.

I avoid sugar and wrappers and aim to use wholesome food. Plenty of water throughout the day and most importantly there’s no sugar crashes in the afternoon which means our children can concentrate longer and their behaviour reflects their nutrition.  People also refer to me as the school lunch box dad, though to my 2 daughters I’m “daddy”.

I live in Geelong and am a small business owner doing my bit to make my town a better place.  I love my town and a dream of mine would be to see every child taking healthy nutritious lunches to school every day.  Follow my daily journey of my school lunch box ideas.

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