Bento Boxes and portion control: Getting Started.

A good bento box certainly makes packing school lunch boxes easier.  There a usually 5 compartments and a small compartment that you can pack nutritious food into.  What I normally do is look in the fridge and see what can I fill them up with.  The beauty is there’s only a small amount of food that you can pack in each compartment, this means the children get to have a larger variety of food at smaller portions which makes their lunch experience much more exciting.

Here are a couple of tips to make your first bento box.

  • Slice up an apple nice and thin and fill one compartment
  • Add dairy, even yoghurt will stay in a good leak proof bento box, otherwise add cheese
  • Make a wrap or sandwich, cut it to fit into a compartment
  • Wash some strawberries, berries or raspberries for a sweet delight, add to a compartment
  • Cut up some carrots or cucumbers and fill up a compartment.
  • Also, add a few crackers, baked with low salt

Next thing you know, you have filled a school lunch box in very little time and the portion control is determined by the size of the bento box.  Too easy.

Start off easy and get creative as you get confident with making lunches.  My personal favourite is using the croissant, or putting a sandwich on a skewer, even making bread pockets is heaps of fun.

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