Heritage Friday’s

What is Heritage Friday’s?

Every Friday we feature lunches that would appear in children’s lunch boxes in other parts of the world.  The purpose is to educate and to show different types of food eaten around the world.  Educating our children through food and culture is the main aim of this.  It will also help build understanding between cultures.


We can learn so much from other cultures, even if we can add one new type of food from another culture, it’s a win. I never knew just how tasty Ukrainian food is, my girls now regularly eat it.  Churros from Spain are so easy to make and very tasty.  Without wanting to learn my daughter’s would’ve missed out on this amazing food.  Try it, your children will only benefit. We also add fun facts about the featured country.


Ask your friends about their cultural background, even better, rediscover your own cultural background, embrace it.  Teach your children about how other cultures eat.  I had the pleasure of having Alex (China), the beautiful Rosa (Spain) and the beautiful Cathy (Ukraine) showing me their cultural foods.

Your suggestion?

We would love to hear from you.  What country would you like School Lunch Box to feature on Heritage Friday’s?  Message us or comment below.  As the Italian’s say “Mi Casa ti Casa”, my house is your house. Share my kitchen for a few hours and show me your cultural food.

2 thoughts on “Heritage Friday’s

  1. This is actually a brilliant idea! I never thought of it. My daughter is 2 but can’t wait for her to be older so we can experience this. You’re doing an absolutely wonderful job dad. Your girls are very luck.

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