Changing it up


I do my best to change up the main meal daily.  I rarely have sandwiches two days in a row. My girls’ tend to like variety, it makes their school lunch boxes exciting.  Not knowing what they’re having till they open their lunch box is “pretty cool” as they say.

Daily options

As you can see in the images below I’ve used a wrap, pasta, sandwich and a croissant as their main snack.  All of these were featured in a week, and each day the lunch boxes came home empty.  The hero of the school lunch box should be changed daily, if you can. Everything else you add to it is secondary, ie. fruit & veggies.

Thinking outside the box

At times I put myself in my girls’ shoes, apart from being too tight and small for me (sorry, dad joke, I couldn’t resist). Seriously though, I too would get bored if I got a sandwich every day, it would actually put me off my lunch and I’d lose interest.  The importance of changing it up is to keep them excited and wanting to eat their lunch.

Other ideas

I would love to hear other ideas that you might have, If someone uses something other than the sandwich, wrap, pasta or croissant I would love to try it.  Please comment below and inspire me…

One thought on “Changing it up

  1. Hey George, Sometimes I like to put in leftover dinner savouries, such as quiche, sausage roll, meatloaf etc for the main component of lunch. I’ve only started following your blog… and very excited to try new things!! Cheers, Lisa.


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