Tools of the Trade

What do you need to make awesome lunches?

To cook like the best you need the best tools? Not really? As you can see in the featured image I have a handful of tools I use.  Firstly, a great chopping block, however, ensure you wipe it down with vegetable oil once a week so it doesn’t crack or split.

My favourite knife to use is only $6 from any Asian Grocer, it’s called Kiwi Brand made in Thailand.  They’re awesome.  A food scooper, this is what I use to cut perfect balls from melon’s. A good peeler, I like to leave skin on most of the fruit and veggies, however when it comes to carrots a good peeler is a must. A fork to press down my sandwich pockets and finally, a circle cutter, or/ you could use a cup to get a perfect circle out of bread.

A great Bento Box!


I love these Bento Boxes, I’ve tried them all and when it comes to perfect depth and size this is it for me.  A good bento box should have enough depth so you can have enough space for yummy food.  These are leak proof and work a treat.  I have tested them for the last 8 weeks and I love them. I highly recommend these.  They will be available to buy very soon right here at School Lunch Box.


If you have any tricks of the trade or tools that you use please share them.

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