Fruit – How much?

How much fruit is enough?

Usually the minimum amount of fruit children should have is two servings, a serving is one apple, banana, orange etc.

There really is not a maximum amount of fruit that they can eat, in summer when my girl’s are spending the day in the pool jumping around and burning a lot of energy I usually give them 5 to 6 serving of fruit.  Kiara my youngest loves watermelon so she’d easily eat 4 or 5 slices in one go.  It’s a great source of natural energy.


Fruit tips

When serving fruit it’s important to remember one word, “rainbow” try and give them a selection of fruit if possible.  Different fruits have different benefits, so changing it up and offering different types of fruit is ideal.

If your child struggles with eating fruit try and blend some fruit and make a smoothie or thickshake. Most times, you won’t even need milk, just some ice and fruit can make an amazing shake.  My favourite is berry delight, water, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, add some ice and blend it up.  Beautiful.

Fruit with more sugar includes bananas, grapes and cherries, – these are the types of fruit I limit while lighter options are berries, kiwifruit, stone fruit and apples, i rarely don’t mind how much they eat of these.

During hot days my wife and I give our girls loads of water, however as an alternative watermelon is the ideal summer fruit.  It contains 91% water so staying hydrating while enjoying a delicious snack is super cool.

If you dare!

Try creating a little fruit platter and also add some vegetables too, for example, amongst the fruit add carrot sticks, cool cucumber’s and even corn kernels.  Vegetables and fruit together make an awesome healthy snack, the best snack in fact.

Please share some fruit tips you might have…

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