TV! Are you serious?

Morning Show Channel 7 Appearance

Make sure everyone tunes into Channel 7’s Morning Show on Monday the 30th January to watch me chat to Larry and Kylie, sharing my passion for healthy School Lunch Boxes.

Am I nervous?

Yes, yes and yes.  Fact is, I’m just a dad, I’m not a nutritionalist or a pediatrician (I couldn’t even spell it without spellcheck!), I’m just a creative guy that is madly in love with my family.  I want the best health for my girls and if I can prepare their lunches daily to know that they’ll be healthy, then I’m happy.

The fact that other mum’s and dad’s find inspiration in what I do blows me away, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

My aim.

If I can spread what I do to as many people as possible I’d be stoked.  The Morning Show on Channel 7 are giving me the opportunity to do so, I’m happy to step out of my comfort zone to share what I do.  So please don’t laugh at me, but instead jump on the journey with me…

Watch the segment here: capture2

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