Sugar Free Treats

Is it possible to have our children enjoy sugar free treats?

The short answer is yes, however, it means more work for mum and dad.  The only way to ensure the treats are sugar free is to make them yourself.  On Sunday I made my girls what I call a Apple Rose.  They loved them, I also added it in today’s school lunch box.  Check out the image below.

At times at the supermarket I spend more time reading the ingredients rather than shopping, it does my head in.  So I’ve started creating my own treats.  The original recipe of the treats I made yesterday contain sugar, I chose to leave it out and they rocked.  The natural sweetness of the apple was enough to give the sweet kick.



Recipe as I remember it, I’m a dad so not good with instructions:

I should’ve made note while I was making it, I usually go by feel.

Simple puff pastry (frozen). Sliced apples and a little butter pop in a bowl and place in microwave for them to soften 80 sec., or maybe it was 60, not sure (dad brain) cut pastry in about 3 finger width and place apples overlapped.

Fold the pastry over the apples. Glaze with egg and then roll them. Oven 210 for about 15 min. I think that’s how I did it. Also, glaze them with egg at the 10 min mark too.

I so should have listened to my wife and written it down as I made it.

My Message.

Try recipe’s without the sugar content, some might work and some might be absolute shockers, however, it’s worth the shot and if you’re like me you should believe that eliminating sugar is a good thing.  Check out the pic above to see just how cool they can look.

Do you have a sugar free treat that you can share with me?

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