Make sandwiches great again!

Bread doesn’t have to be boring

The good old days of the simple sandwich, crusts cut off and cut in half are over in my family. Our kids demand more, they want more excitement, so I’ve found a way to make sandwiches great again.

Creation 1. – The lolly-wich!

This is a cross between a lolly and a sandwich, I simply use a carrot as the handle and the bread encloses the carrot together with whatever fillings you like, using a fork simply press down the edges and bang! simple, check out the pic below for inspiration. You can see the video creation of this on my instagram account!


Creation 2. The cheesy-pop

This is a creation of a cheese stick and bread, only figured this one out today, too easy.  Using a cheese stick as the handle again press down the edges of the bread with a fork.  So much more fun than the typical sandwich.


Creation 3. The skewered sandwich

Everything tastes better on a skewer, meat skewers, fruit skewers and yes, even sandwich skewers.  This is as simple as it looks, however, one very important point is to cut the tips of the skewers, you don’t want your children pricking themselves accidentally.

What sandwich creations do you have?



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