Secret 1 Revealed!

What do I think about when making lunches?

Rainbows! Each time my girl’s see a rainbow they totally freak out, they jump with excitement and they love to name the colours that they see…  Secret 1 revealed – My school lunches are inspired by the rainbow, I try and have colours from the rainbow most times, vibrant colours that say “eat me”.  I literally tell my girls that “Daddy packed a rainbow in your lunch today”.

Food Types

Orange – Carrots, oranges, mango and mandarin

Red – Strawberries, Raspberries, tomatoes and watermelon

Yellow – Banana, Nectarine and peaches

Green – broccoli, snow peas, avocado and grapes

So when packing lunches or buying food at the grocery store remember one word “Rainbow” that will help you pick food that is visually awesome.


There was a time when my girl’s would not touch broccoli, if you put a piece of broccoli on a plate on its own it doesn’t scream out “eat me”.  However, put a broccoli on plate full of rainbow food, it will shine also.


Just like when I used to go out with all my mates, before my lovely wife came along.  They were all athletic and handsome that I even managed to look half OK.  I was the broccoli of the school lunch box! lol.

I would love any suggestions or feedback…

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