Banana Pockets – SUGAR FREE

Banana Pockets, simple sugar free treats.

I love Sunday’s, I usually try and create a fun treat that has no sugar.  Yesterday I found a lone banana in the kitchen fruit bowl. I was going to eat it and then I thought, hang on! so the Banana Pocket was born, a completely sugar free vegetarian treat.


This is where I get stuck.  I’m a dad, I’m not good in documenting things I create, so that’s why I took photo’s at each stage so it’s easier to remember, also easier to follow.

First Step.

Turn the oven on 210, let it heat up.  Mash a banana and add cinnamon (optional), take out the frozen puff pastry, available at any supermarket.

Cut circles from the pastry, you could even use a cup upside down to do this, with a spoon add a teaspoon into the circle pastry and fold them in half, press down the edges and to make it look pretty, you can also use a fork to press down the edges. Beat an egg as this will be your glaze.


Place them in the tray, 12 -14 minutes in the oven and they’re done.  They taste great and look awesome in the Bento Box…

I hope you enjoy this little creation, I love the fact that it’s SUGAR free, reminds of an old Wa Wa Nee song, now I can’t get the song out of my head…

Let me know how you go with your banana pocket attempt…


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