My version of a treat!

Interesting thought

I think I will receive some criticism with what I am about to write, however, I think it’s worth bringing it up. Have a read and please share your thoughts with me, remember I’m just a dad…

What is a treat traditionally?

Growing up I remember chocolate was the ultimate treat, junk food was a reward for being well behaved or nailing a school project.  Indulging in a chocolate bar and possibly a can of sugar drink was the ultimate reward. The sugar fix was so satisfying, however, times have now changed, we have a better understanding of processed foods, sugar and their effects on our bodies, especially our children’s growing bodies.

Do my girl’s have chocolate and lollies?

They sure do, however, we don’t call them treats, we refer to them as once in a while sugar food.   My wife and I do tell our girls the effects of sugar, so they understand why they only eat sugar food occasionally, however, it’s up to you as a parent/carer, I believe in moderation.

So, what is a treat in my household?

Rare and exotic tropical fruit is what I consider a treat, it’s something that is grown in beautiful tropical places, they are colourful and naturally sweet.  I reward or acknowledge my girl’s good deed in this manner.  For example, all week my girl’s have been awesome (trust me, they’re not always awesome). So today I added Pink Dragon Fruit that I purchased for about $5 (about the same price for 2 chocalate bars) and added it in their school lunch box. Dragon Fruit is colourful and a great antioxidant.



I reward my girls with something that is good for their growing bodies and teeth, why would I reward them with something that is going to do them harm? I love them way too much to harm them. Children should know what they are eating, and when they are old enough to make their own choices they’d be well informed.

Finally, imagine we changed the meaning of the word “treat”? Imagine it meant real tropical rare colourful fruit, given to us as a reward. I think that would be super cool! What do you think?

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