Keeping the lunches fresh!

How do I stop the fruit from going brown?

The number 1 question I get asked is “How do you stop the fruit from going brown?” There is a solution. Firstly, I cut the fruit in the morning so it as fresh as possible, then I pop the sliced fruit into the Bento Box, the bento box is almost air tight so it limits the air that gets to the fruit, but the absolute secret is (drum roll) the refrigerated bag!


The refrigerated bag comes with an ice block that is zipped into the pouch, it sits under the Bento Box.  It keeps the bento box cold and fresh pretty much till the end of school time.  Once my wife gets the girls home from school she unzips the pouch and puts the ice block into the freezer.


Where can you get them?

Click HERE if you would like to know just how you can personalise them and purchase them.  When choosing the colours and design, get your children involved, let them pick a design favourite and make them a part of the process.

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