Ham & Cheese Pastry Sticks

What am I trying to prove?

Here is my mission, I am trying to offer as many different types of alternatives to the boring old ham and cheese sandwich.  To date the most popular has been the lolly-wich, it was even featured on The Morning Show a few weeks back.  I’d love to be able to offer different cool and funky styles of the sandwich in hope that the children don’t get bored of the traditional ways.  Why? with the fast pace world we live in, especially the technology at our children’s fingertips, they’re constantly on the look out for something new, something exciting, whether it’s a game or movie, the world today has changed as compared to when we were kids.They’re so easily bored! So my aim is to keep their school lunch boxes exciting and awesome.

How did I make the ham & cheese pastry sticks?

Fillo pastry is my new best friend, love what it has to offer, so check out the step by step photo’s below to see my creation.

I let the Fillo pastry thaw and then I remove a sheet and I literally just cut it in half, I melted a couple of tea spoons of butter in the microwave and brushed it lightly over the sheets.


I put the cheese on and then followed by the ham, by this stage the butter would have softened the pastry, so then I simply just roll the pastry.  I roll it semi tight so it won’t fall apart, it should look like a Cuban Cigar.


I put them straight into the baking tray, I prefer to use the non stick tray so I don’t have to use butter or oil, I pre-heat the ovento 210 for about 5 minutes and then bang, in they go. It takes about 12-15 minutes for them to look golden brown and super awesome. They’re a great snack at home but super cool to put into their school lunch box.  It’s that simple.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Ham & Cheese Pastry Sticks

  1. I don’t think you fully comprehend the inspiration that projects from you. Firstly, from a lunchbox perspective the flow of creativity is so inspiring. On another level, from a woman’s perspective it is so refreshing to see a man so in love with his family and clearly your modesty and humbled nature is very appealing to not just women but men also. Thank you for doing what you do and how you do it. Very genuine and inspiring.


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