The Rav-Wich is born…

My Mission

Most of you know that my mission is to offer as many variations of the traditional sandwich, on the weekend I created my favourite so far , the Rav-Wich.  It’s a cross between ravioli and a sandwich.  So simple and effective, I struggled not to eat my girls’ lunches myself this morning.


Firstly, I just flattened using a rolling pin two pieces of bread, cut the crusts off and in the four corners of the bread I placed ham and cheese.  You can use any type of filling your child likes, I’m keen to try avocado and chicken…

Simple so far, now just place on top the second rolled piece of bread.  I found a pasta cutter in my old pasta machine box, you can find them in most cooking shops or even at the supermarket. Now just roll the pasta cutter around the edges of your creation so far.

Now cut it in half and half again. So simple.  You can cut your creation into any shape you like, triangles, rectangles or circles if you have that skill…

I hope you enjoy the Rav-Wich.  If you want to check out the video please click HERE

My aim is to make real, simple and wholesome lunches for my girls.  By keeping it simple it becomes acheivable and quick.  Our busy lifestyle can’t give us an hour or 30 min to be creative with our school lunches.  Hence my simple “dad” ways is so I can get to work in time in the morning…

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