The Sand-Ling

Another variation of the sandwich.

Today I have created my favourite variation of the traditional sandwich, the Sand-Ling, it’s a cross between the Chinese dumpling and a traditional sandwich.  I love re-creating and combining food to create something fun to put in the school lunch boxes. You can use any filling you like, today I have used chicken and cheese.


3 simple ingredients, bread, cheese and chicken.  It does not get any easier than that.  Using a cutter or a cup upside down cut a circles out of the bread. Using a roller simply flatten out the bread.  In the centre of the round bread just add your fillings.


Pick up the bread and simply squeeze the edges of the bread together just like the professional Chef’s do in the Chinese Dumpling restaurants.

As a added feature you can either make noodles out of carrot or any other vegetable, I like the carrots as it’s a nice contrast to the Sand-Ling, looks awesome.


And there you have it, the Sand-Ling, another variation of the traditional sandwich made into something fun and yummy.  The secret is to enjoy it while you are making it, get the kids involved and let them add their own ingredients.  Have fun with it and try creating your classics into awesome sandwich combinations.

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