2 Ingredient Treats!

When I think about treats in the school lunches I think about natural ingredients, unprocessed and no added sugar.  This awesome creation is so simple and awesome that I even made an extra batch for myself.

Firstly, I bought some Dates and shaved coconut, that’s it:


Take out the seeds from the Dates, using a knife simple cut the Date in the middle and remove the seed.


Using a food processor or even a blender, put the de-seeded dates in the blender and bang! blend for about 10 seconds.


Using two spoons, scoop out a spoonful and drop it into the shaved coconut, roll it around and then using two hands simple roll it into a ball.

I have the complete video that you can check out HERE

How awesome do they look in the School Lunch Boxes? I love them.  You can be creative by using dried apricots and other awesome fruits.



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