A Doughnut Sandwich!

Introducing the Dough-Wich

With World Doughnut Day just past, I was inspired to create a healthy doughnut that could rock the School Lunch Box. So here it is, a very simple creation. All you need is bread, a carrot, cheese, butter and a broccoli.

Follow the images below to see just how cool and simple it is:

Using a cup cut out two circles using two pieces of bread. Add some cheese and put the second piece of bread on top.

Using either a fork or a Ravioli cutter, secure the edges of the bread.  The Ravioli cutter gives it a nice finish. Butter only half of the top of the bread.


Pre-dice some carrot and broccoli (blanch and dry the broccoli first). Ensure it’s cut super fine. Then dip the half buttered side of the bread into the diced carrot and broccoli.

Using another hole cutter simply cut out the doughnut hole in the middle, all of a sudden you’ve created a dough-wich. It looks awesome in the School Lunch Box.  Have a try.

You can see the video by clicking HERE!

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