Inspired by Zara

This little creation was inspired by a special 5 year old girl called Zara. It’s the Rose-Wich. It’s a reminder to smell the roses 🌹 and appreciate those you love.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make the Rose-wich.

Simple so far? Here is my the caption from my Instagram post last week:

Today’s creation is inspired by and dedicated to a special little girl, Zara. You can follow her journey @zaras_leukaemia_fight She’s almost 5! I had the pleasure of meeting Zara and her beautiful family yesterday. ❤️ the Rose-Wich is a reminder to stop and smell the roses, appreciate what’s around you and those you love. Enjoy my Rose-Wich creation, especially the special little message it carries. The Rose-Wich is another alternative to the traditional sandwich using simple ingredients.

Sometimes there are more important things in life than the little stresses that occupy us. Take time out to appreciate love and loved ones, I know this sounds hippie like, but any parent can feel the pain when their child is unwell. I take my hat off to Zara’s mum for her continued tireless work and effort. ❤️

You can see the video of this creation HERE

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