D.I.Y Taco’s for School Lunch!

My girls love taco’s, usually in my household it’s a Tuesday night treat.  The fun of making their own taco’s with their favourite ingredients is super cool.  So, I thought, why not have it for School Lunch?

So here it is, my version of School Lunch Taco Bento…

The ingredients are pretty simple, remember to add anything that your little amigo’s like in their taco.


In order to get the small soft shells, I just used a cookie cutter and cut them out of a soft wrap. You could use wholemeal, multi grain or even sourdough.

I usually buy a roast chicken from the supermarket for $7.50 and I peel off the skin and shred the chicken, this is what I usually use for the taco filling.

Now, let the amigo’s enjoy their little creation.

Super easy and fun. It’s a good idea to try it at home first to ensure they can make it themselves.



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