Quick Breakfast/Lunch Box Snack

At times the morning’s at my house is chaos, my girl’s just take too long at times to eat breakfast, so I thought I’d have a back up plan.  So I created the Breakfast ball, which is muesli and honey, baked for 5 minutes and bang! so simple and easy. Here is a step by step illustration…

Step 1, get a hold of your favorite muesli, I support my local businesses so I use Adelia porridge with Quinoa, Chia & Dates.

Put a cup of the porridge in a mixing bowl, grab your favorite honey, I like to use Manuka because of it’s anti-bacterial component, it rocks technically! Mix it all together till it’s all sticky.


Make round balls with your hands and pop them on a tray, I use my Air Fryer for almost everything, but you can use a normal oven Pre-Heat first and baked them for 12 minutes. In the Air Fryer it only takes 5 minutes.


Once they’re baked the smell is crazy, you’d want to eat them all asap, but don’t do that! it’s for the children ok? tempting I know.

TIP: when they cool down they will be hard, however the next day they soften and are ready to go. Stop reading this and start baking…

Peace to your little people.

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