Avocado Sail Boats

Avocado’s have so many health benefits for our children, did you know:

  • They help fight infections
  • They help heal wounds quicker
  • They’re great for their liver
  • They have all the essential Vitamins
  • Ensures Healthy Bones
  • Supplies unsaturated Fats
  • Promotes digestions
  • Protects Liver
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Reduces Inflammation

How amazing are those facts?  So why not try these Avocado Boats?  They’re a fun School Holiday snack with amazing health benefits.

Here is my “dad” instructions on how to create these awesome little creations.

Step 1), you need avocado’s, cheese, tomatoes, carrot and mini stuff and stand tortilla’a.

Avocado’s are like $2.50 each, I bought the Haas Avocado, regardless of which avocado you buy they all have the same health benefits.

These stuff and stand tortilla’s are awesome, you can literally fill them with anything.

Just cut the melody or mini tomatoes in half so you can decorate the Avocado Sail Boat.

You can get fancy and cut simple sail and masts out of a carrot, check out the pic above, I didn’t even cut myself. Bonus!

Literally mash up the avocado within it’s skin using a fork, then scoop it out using a spoon and fill the tortilla shell, sprinkle some cheese, add the carrot sail pop the tomato on and sail away…

To see the video just click HERE. 

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