Fruit Cake – no flour & no baking


A fruit cake with no flour, no added sugar, no baking that you can keep in the fridge! Say What! I thought what better way to give my girls a sweet treat, here is my fruit cake step by step guide. So simple.

Firstly, buy the fruit that your kids love, however, it’s easier to use a watermelon as the base, so ensure you have one.

The Watermelon is cut into a 3cm thick circle, the base.

I used rock melon as the second tier, check out the image below to see the spacing.

I used blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Fill them up.

I used honey dew as my third tier…

I used Kiwi fruit and strawberries to fill the third tier.

Again, I used watermelon as the final tier, it acts as a lid to the fruit cake.

My girls love mangoes, so I used a mango to top off the cake with a drizzle of passionfruit and some blackberries.

So simple and delicious.

If you want to see the video click HERE

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