First week back – Planning

Here we are again, first week back and the fun begins, or lets just be honest and say chaos!

So, this week, my tip is to not introduce any new foods, only foods they are used to, they will be overwhelmed with their new environment and friends.  Stick with simple food and nothing too fancy, just “their” kind of food for the first week.

Getting them onto new healthy food is a gradual process, so steady she goes and you’ll be right mate.

I never used to plan at all, I’d open the cupboard and look at what I’ve got and then make something. Now, things have changed. I need to be more organised.  When I saw the Stuck On You bento planner I thought I need one asap.

Here is what I’ve discovered by using the planner:

  • I’m noting what I already have at home so I’m not doubling up = Save Money
  • By planning lunches I can co-ordinate the ingredients based on their expiry date
  • Less wastage of food when better prepared
  • Auto shopping list, once I’ve done the week plan the shopping list is automatic, no guessing at the supermarket
  • look out for specials ahead as well, those catalogs that used to come in the mail, well I now read them and check if there’s something I need.
  • I get my girl’s involved. While I look busy filling out the planner I get my girl’s to run around and check what we’ve got. Hey, it works.

Please excuse the writing on the Bento Planner, I’m a dad remember.  Also, it took me a couple of goes to get used to it, now it sits on my fridge and I swear by it.

If you want to check out the Bento Planner just click on the Stuck On You Banner on my page and scroll through.

I’d love to know if you have any tips and tricks when you do your grocery shopping.


One thought on “First week back – Planning

  1. Hi can u print off school lunch box planner. I am willing to try with my boys and any recipes ideas will be great thanks


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