Fussy Eaters – Mystery Puffs

Is your little human a little fuss pot?  Won’t try new things, or isn’t too excited about veggies.  Try a little game I created called ” Mystery Puffs”.

Firstly, grab yourself a sheet of frozen puff pastry.  Also, get a heap of foods your little human does not really like.



Add small amounts of the food and place them on the puff pastry like in the image below.


Fold the puff pastry over the ingredients.  I used my ravioli cutter to then seal the edges of the pastry, however you can just use your fingers.



Continue cutting around the ingredients until the pastry sheets look like this:


Pop them into the airfryer for 6-7 minutes on 175 or a conventional oven for 14 minutes on 180.  They are delicious when fresh out of the oven.


Now the fun begins. Pop them in a plate and have turns to see what you ended up with, make it fun however, the rules are, you must eat atleast half of what you end up with. It’s about having fun and sharing moments.  Make sure you enjoy whatever it is you end up with, as a parent or carer you have to lead by example…

Check out the video HERE

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