Cup Cake Lasagna

I was so lucky to have an opportunity to work with Philips using their Philips Pasta Maker to create my new creation, Cup Cake Lasagna. I won’t have to buy packet pasta ever again with this beauty.

What I love most about the Philips Pasta Maker is the ease of making pasta, just choose the attachments provided to create penne, spaghetti, pasta sheets, shells plus a few more. All I did was add 250 grams of flour and 90 mills of water, after 7 minutes the pasta sheets were being delivered perfectly fresh.

In a greased tray cover the base with a sheet of pasta and then a layer of mozzarella cheese and a rich tomato sauce.

Create another layer of pasta, cheese and sauce.  To give the cupcake lasagna a cupcake feel I added half a cherry tomato for effect and of course taste.

Feel free to add any ingredients you like, be creative and even get the little human to help create.  Once they’re ready pop them into the oven for 20 minutes on 175 in a normal fan forced oven.


To see the video on how to create the Lasagna Cup Cake click HERE or for more information on the Philips Pasta Maker click HERE


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