MEDIA: Embrace Life Magazine

It’s so awesome to see what other’s think about what I do, this article popped up and i thought was a cool little read.  Check it out HERE.

Embrace Life Magazine 23rd April, 2017

The Wonderful Gift of Fatherhood – Creative Father Gives Great Example of Being a Parent.

A few days ago while doing some everyday home activities, the TV was on and very interesting face took my attention. A very pleasant and good looking guy from Australia was sharing his story with a reporter about his unique and creative role as a parent.

George, 43 years old, parent of two girls shared his experience and passion for creating healthy lunch meals for his daughters. He is doing that for more than a year and it seems that although it was not his intention, he brings inspiration not only to his daughters but also to their classmates, the parents, and his friends.

What he does, at first sight, might seem time-consuming and requires some special skills. But George demonstrates that every parent (particularly every dad) can find time and space to prepare himself for work and find a way to make the kitchen a cheerful place of harmony and cooperation instead of stressful beginnings where everyone is yelling at each other.

School lunch boxes

So what’s going on every morning somewhere in Geelong? Magic I would say. Nice chill out music is playing in the back, easy talk; the kitchen is a place of harmony.

Lead by the idea that “every child deserves love and health” every morning George enters his creative laboratory and brings up colorful, tasteful and most important healthy meals. There is a box and there is a rainbow in it. There are ingredients, a mastermind, and two satisfied shiny faces.

No Sugar or candy and a lot of water throughout the day. It’s hard for me to imagine that his children stick to this lifestyle and understand its purpose when we the adults have difficulties to accept it.

His work was recognized and went viral on the social media. Through his blog and Instagram profile, he shares his passion and thousands are following him.

Healthy meals, good parenting, being a good husband, inspiring other parents – I would say these are the benefits of George’s example.

But George looks further. He wants his daughters to get to know cultural differences. His Macedonian roots have inspired him to start sharing its traditional food and that continued every Friday when he prepares meals from various countries and traditions.

What I really appreciate and love about his effort and what he achieved is that he teaches his daughters that this, what he has been doing, is not an easy job and is not something that comes automatically in the plate. There is a living person who prepares these meals and cares for their wellbeing. It’s not something you can buy or get from an automat.

Every weekend he takes his family for shopping. Ciara and Anela can see where the food is coming from, can touch and choose for themselves which veggies or fruits to eat. He also has taken them to a farm so they can understand where the veggies, the fruit or the milk and the meat are coming from. To understand that it is a complex process and that it takes a lot of time and effort so all that food can come to the stores.

His kids don’t through their food away if they don’t like it. They take it back home because they appreciate it and know it costs. They also know that there are children around the world that cannot afford themselves certain meals that Australians have or that they have to grow their own food to survive.

So let’s imagine for a moment that we follow Georges’ example. Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do, for us and for our children?

Keep the good job mate!